SMI's Posting and Publishing Schedule for 2024

Jan 15, 2024
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Here is an overview of the types of content SMI members can expect this year. Please bear in mind that unforeseeable events occur(!), so publishing days/dates are subject to change.

The monthly SMI newsletter: In most cases, the newsletter will be released online on the third trading day before the end of the month. The actual day may vary slightly depending on when weekends/holidays fall or if late-month Fed actions (or other news events) seem likely to have a significant market impact.

Changes in fund recommendations for Stock or Bond Upgrading are included in the newsletter release.

Fund performance updates: We will update SMI's Fund Performance Rankings (FPR) and online Personal Portfolio Tracker once a month. In most cases, the updates will occur on the 5th of the month, when we get the latest month-end numbers from our data supplier Morningstar. If the 5th falls on the weekend, we will post the FPR and Tracker updates on the Monday following the 5th.

Monthly updates for Premium-level strategies: The updates for SMI's Dynamic Asset Allocation and Sector Rotation strategies typically will be released on the final trading day of the month. Sometimes, we may delay one day to take an entire month's performance data into account before making recommendations.

Other posts: Most Mondays, we will post in-house articles on general investing, personal finance, retirement planning, or stewardship. On Wednesdays, Mark Biller may offer a "deep dive" on an investing topic or trend. On Fridays, we'll typically post the "Money Roundup," which links to articles of interest we have found elsewhere on topics ranging from investing to retirement to taxes.

Audio and video: Once a month, Mark is a guest on Faith & Finance, a program that airs on many Christian radio stations around the country, including stations affiliated with American Family Radio and Moody Radio. Usually, we post the audio a day or two after the broadcast.

In most months, SMI newsletter members receive access to a timely video Mark records for SMI Private Client investors in which he discusses market trends and economic news. (These videos typically are released to Private Client investors several days before they are made available to newsletter members.)

To ensure you don't miss any strategy updates and other new content, you may want to sign up for email notifications. It's easy to do. Go to the Alerts and Notifications page (part of the My Account section of the SMI site) and check the appropriate boxes.

Thanks for being an SMI member!

Written by

Joseph Slife

Joseph Slife

Joseph Slife has been a news writer for the Associated Press, a college instructor, and a radio host. He and his wife Joye have three grown sons.

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