#GivingTuesday: Will You Join Us in Reaching Southeast Asia With the Gospel?

Nov 28, 2022
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For this year’s #GivingTuesday, once again we invite you to join us in partnering with our friends at Jesus Film Project to help bring the Gospel to thousands of people who have never heard it. And once again, every dollar you give will be doubled through a match by SMI Advisory Services (SMIAS) — the separate, but affiliated, business that manages the SMI mutual funds and SMI Private Client.

The SMIAS match is available for up to $20,000 of donations. So, if SMI readers contribute $20,000 collectively, that will turn into a $40,000 donation.

A very powerful tool

At the heart of Jesus Film Project, not surprisingly, is a film about the life and ministry of the Son of God. What may be a surprise, though, is the incredible impact this film, simply called JESUS, has had. Since it was first released in 1979, JESUS has been translated into over 2,000 languages, taken by missionaries to remote villages throughout the world, and viewed by over 566 million people. Most importantly, according to JFP, nearly 19 million people have placed their faith in Jesus after watching the film.

“Film brings the story to life in ways that transcend written communication,” JFP says. “This is true especially in oral cultures — places where written communication is scarce. When people see the life of Jesus portrayed on screen, it is life-changing.”

Missionaries throughout the world follow a “prayer, care, and share” strategy, going to rural villages in the morning, helping provide for people’s physical needs, such as food, and then asking if they can come back in the afternoon and show them a film in their language about Jesus. Many say yes.

Funds raised in this year’s GivingTuesday campaign will be used to reach people with the film and plant churches in Southeast Asia, including Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Indonesia. According to a JFP leader in one of these nations:

“There is growth of the kingdom here we have never seen. These workers just need the tools, the video tablets, showing sets and smaller tools like microSD cards for use in the cities, towns and villages. They need these tools to disciple, make the gospel real and help the people grow in their faith.”

A tangible impact

If we are successful in raising $20,000, which will be multiplied to $40,000, that will be enough to buy:

  • 10 backpack kits ($2,980 each), each one of which includes a small, highly portable solar-powered projector, speakers, and screen. Each kit can be used to show JESUS to as many as 200 people at a time.

  • 18 deluxe tablet sets ($530 each) that include a 10-inch tablet, speaker, and foldable solar panel. Each set can be used to show JESUS to groups of up to 30 people at a time.

Each Jesus Film Project team that is equipped with a backpack kit will show JESUS at least 50 times a year. If each showing draws an average of 100 people, 10 backpack kits would allow teams to reach approximately 50,000 people per year with the Gospel. The teams will then use the tablet sets to regularly follow up with and disciple new believers.

In it together

For several years now, the SMI family has participated in the Jesus Film Project #GivingTuesday campaign, generously investing in the spread of the Gospel. As it did last year, Sound Mind Investing Advisory Services will match this year’s donations dollar for dollar up to $20,000.

We hope you'll agree that funding the spread of the Gospel in Southeast Asia is a great way to begin your celebration of Advent and Christmas! After all, Christ came and loved a lost world (which includes us), and he has given us a similar mission: “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you” (Matthew 28:19-20).

To learn more about this project and then give as the Lord leads, click here. (In order to have your gift doubled by SMIAS, be sure to use this link.) You will see that one generous (non-SMI) couple has already given $100,000 toward this initiative. Also, you don't have to wait until Tuesday. You can give right now! Thank you!

Written by

Matt Bell

Matt Bell

Matt Bell is Sound Mind Investing's Managing Editor. He is the author of five biblical money management books and the teacher or co-teacher on three video-based small group resources. His latest book, Trusted: Preparing Your Kids for a Lifetime of God-Honoring Money Management, has just been published by Focus on the Family and its publishing partner, Tyndale House (April 2023). Matt has spoken at churches, universities, and conferences throughout the country and has been quoted in USA TODAY, U.S. News & World Report, and many other media outlets.

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