As investors, days like today are painful. No one likes to see significant losses in their portfolios.

But what’s behind today’s losses is something far more significant than dollars and cents. It’s a horrible disease that has taken nearly 3,000 lives, sickened nearly 52,000 others, put many relief workers in harm’s way, and created fear about how much further the disease may spread.

So today, it doesn’t seem appropriate to write another article about the importance of staying the course with your investment plan. It seems more appropriate to encourage everyone reading these words to pray:

  • For families that have lost loved ones to the disease, that God would comfort them.
  • For those who are ill with the disease, that God would heal them.
  • For medical professionals who may be in harm’s way, that God would protect them.
  • For government officials who are doing what they can to contain the disease, that God would give them wisdom.
  • For anyone living in fear of the disease, that God would give them peace.
  • For anyone touched by the disease in any way who doesn’t have a personal relationship with Christ, that He would draw them into such a relationship.

A pastor living and ministering in Wuhan, the Chinese city at the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, wrote a letter in which he recommended other ways that Christians can pray about the situation (thanks to the Christian Coalition for linking to this letter).

One more way Christians can get involved is to financially support ministries that are actively working to bring aid to those impacted by the disease. What organizations do you know of that are ministering to the needs of those impacted by the coronavirus?