We're putting the final touches on our March issue, which will be released online tomorrow!

Here's a quick preview:

  • A cover piece by the late Bob Benson, one of Austin's favorite writers, about finding freedom and contentment in a life of simplicity;
  • An editorial on the indispensable investing virtue of persistence;
  • An article about why, for many investors, bear markets aren't such a bad thing;
  • An overview of four new planning resources — available free to all SMI members — developed to accompany our just-released Multiply small-group study.
  • As for our SMI strategies, the new March issue will explain why we're turning off the Upgrading 2.0 defensive protocols for now. We'll be replacing our "cash" slots with six new stock-fund recommendations.

Look for the March issue of the Sound Mind Investing newsletter online tomorrow at about Noon Eastern Time!