It's Money Roundup time! Here's our collection of some of the best recent articles on investing, personal finance, and stewardship.

And from the bloggers and pundits...

  • Why I’m considering financial advice (John Woerth, Vanguard Blog). A long-time do-it-yourself investor explains why he is thinking about enlisting the aid of a professional. (If you are having similar thoughts, check out SMI Private Client.)
  • Nobody saw this coming (Ashby Daniels, Retirement Field Guide). No one knew the U.S. stock market would strongly outperform in 2019. No one knows what it's going to do this year either.
  • Annual asset class returns (Jon Petersen, Novel Investor). Want to pick the best-performing investment year after year? It's not easy.
  • Your 2020 financial to-do list (Christine Benz, Morningstar). "The myriad tasks associated with maintaining an organized financial life seem daunting in list form, but more manageable when spread throughout the year."
  • The "wicked problem" of Social Security in one chart (Donald Sensing, Sense of Events). We don't hear much about Social Security's future funding challenges these days, but they haven't gone away. Not by a long shot.

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