Here's our Roundup for a midsummer's day. We hope you find these articles interesting and helpful!

And from bloggers and pundits...

  • Good things taken too far (Morgan Housel, Collaborative Fund Blog). Want to be a wise investor? Be humble and teachable.
  • The S&P 500 grows ever more concentrated (John Rekenthaler, Morningstar – free registration required). If history is a reliable guide, we could see "a prolonged small-value rally" when the winds finally change, Rekenthaler says.
  • You can't take a financial mulligan (Tim Mullooly, Living With Money). Here's one for you golfers out there.
  • Should you pay off your mortgage? (Mark Miller, Morningstar). Meager interest rates on savings combined with the increase in the standard deduction have made speeding up a mortgage pay-down more attractive.
  • Is it wrong to earn less? (Jim Dahle, The White Coat Investor). An interesting post about "moral reasons" for continuing to work even if you've reached financial independence. (Note: The White Coat Investor is targeted to physicians, but the content is sometimes of general interest.)

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