In late 2018, we unveiled an updated version of the Personal Portfolio Tracker, our popular web/tablet/smartphone tool that simplifies the process of applying SMI's Fund Upgrading strategy to a 401(k), 403(b), or other workplace retirement plan.

Using the Tracker, you can see the momentum score for each of the funds you have access to.

Today, we're rolling out three short videos that provide a quick introduction to the Tracker. If you're not using the Tracker as yet, these videos — each only 3 minutes long — will get you up-to-speed right away.

The first video explains how to set up the Tracker with the funds available in your workplace plan.

The second tutorial video describes the "category" view — the Tracker's setting for users whose plans offer a wide variety of funds.

The third video explains how to use the "momentum" view, a setting for users whose workplace plans offer only a limited number of funds.

The tutorial videos will always be accessible at, a link that takes you directly to the Portfolio Tracker page (click on the "Video Tutorials" tab). Alternatively, you can access that page by clicking "Resources" on the toolbar above and choosing the "Portfolio Tracker" link.

We hope you find these new videos helpful!