My most recent radio chat with Howard Dayton and Steve Moore of Compass — Finances God's Way focused on the ins and outs of IRAs, including the new "MyRA." There's a lot more about IRAs in the February issue of the Sound Mind Investing newsletter, starting with the cover article, Making Sense of Your IRA Options. Also on the program, we tackled the following listener questions:
  • What are my options for reinvesting or cashing out a small annuity?
  • Where is a good place to temporarily park money from a divorce settlement?
  • How do we consolidate a number of IRAs without incurring a lot of fees?
  • We saved $1,000 — should we put that money in an emergency fund or pay off our daughter's braces?
  • What are T-bills?

To listen to the entire 25-minute program, click the link below.

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