Of all the many books about money I’ve read and messages about money I’ve heard, several authors and speakers have become favorites. I trust their use of Scripture, I enjoy their style of writing or speaking, and their teaching has impacted me in meaningful ways. One such writer/speaker is Andy Stanley, senior pastor at North Point Church in the Atlanta area.

He’s in the midst of a new series that is already so good I’m going to spend the next few Mondays encouraging all of us to listen to or watch the messages, work through the discussion guides, and then share what we’re learning in the comments section of this blog.

The series is called “How to Get What You Really Want.” It’s a timely, relevant, and unusual topic. It’s timely because we often think of what we want at this time of year, which some of us write down in the form of New Year’s resolutions. It’s relevant to everyone reading these words because so much of what we want has to do with money. We’d like to get out of debt, make more money, buy a new car, or resolve financial conflicts. But in Stanley’s hands, this topic is also unusual because he takes a deeper, more profound look at the topic than you might expect.

So, watch the 45-second overview and then listen to or watch the first message (Careful What You Want For). As you’ll soon discover, Stanley's opening question — “What do you want?” — turns out to be a surprisingly tricky question to answer. Then download and work through the discussion questions, and leave a comment about what insights you gained.

This would be a great series to go through with co-workers (including those who are not Christians), your small group, or your family. We’re going through it at home and already it has prompted some great comments and insights from our kids, who are 8, 10, and 13 years old.

This looks like the type of series that can help us all become ever more faithful in managing all that has been entrusted to us.