[We originally posted this article in mid-January when Vanguard announced a new policy limiting the availability of leveraged funds.

In light of May's new SR recommendation — the first Sector Rotation change since Vanguard's policy took effect — we thought re-upping this post might be helpful for those implementing SR via Vanguard.]

Vanguard's decision last summer to adopt a largely no-fee model for exchange-traded funds (ETFs) was welcome news for SMI Upgraders, as well as for Vanguard account holders following our premium-level Dynamic Asset Allocation (DAA) strategy.

The company's move to no-fee ETFs also was a plus for SMI members implementing our 50/40/10 approach, which combines DAA, Upgrading, and Sector Rotation.

Unfortunately, Vanguard has just unveiled a policy change that isn't good news for SMI investors, specifically those following Sector Rotation or 50/40/10. As noted in a company news release, the change takes effect next Tuesday. 

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