[The Navigating Your Finances God's Way small group study by Howard Dayton of Compass – finances God's way is designed to "equip people to faithfully apply God's financial principles so they may know Christ more intimately, be free to serve Him, and help fund the Great Commission."

I can attest to its power to transform lives, as I've led the study in my own home. Many participants tell me that it made a great difference in expanding their understanding of finances and true biblical stewardship. SMI believes in this study — so much so that we asked Compass' permission to run a series excerpting some of the study's core concepts for the benefit of SMI's readers.

If you have a heart to see others experience the blessing of financial freedom through handling money God's way, I encourage you to investigate leading a Compass small group study. It requires no special financial expertise, and you'll get to watch God's Word come alive in the hearts of your students. You'll be glad you did! – Mark Biller]

All of us have to make decisions about whether to handle money honestly. Do you tell the cashier when you receive too much change? Have you ever tried to sell something and been tempted not to tell the truth, because you might lose the sale? Deciding on a course of honesty and integrity is all the more difficult because so many around us every day act dishonestly. People today formulate their own standards of honesty and then change them when circumstances change.

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