The weekend retrospectives celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing brought to mind a radio piece I wrote years ago when working for Larry Burkett at Christian Financial Concepts (later Crown Financial Ministries).

My colleague Rich Roszel and I were responsible for CFC's feature called A Money Minute. Our task was to come up with informative and entertaining segments on money management that ran no longer in 59½ seconds!

The 1960s' U.S. space program provided the inspiration for a piece we produced called "To the Moon" (audio below, voiced by Rich).

The idea was simple: Reaching the moon required setting a big goal and then developing a step-by-step plan for reaching that goal. The parallels to getting out of debt (i.e., the goal we mentioned in the piece) were obvious: You need a goal and you need a plan! Of course, the same goal-and-plan parallels exist with respect to investing.

We also subtlely suggested in the piece that one should look to God for help ("Godspeed, John Glenn"), and also that it's important to celebrate intermediate accomplishments along the way.

Although we didn't mention this in the script (after all, we had only 59½ seconds!), perhaps the most important "financial" lesson to take away from 1960s' space program is simply this: don't lose sight of the goal! Sometimes we may get lost in the minutiae or demoralized by setbacks. It's important to re-focus and keep moving.

So know your goals (MoneyGuidePro® can help), develop a plan, rely on God, and celebrate milestones along with way. Godspeed.