More than 525 Premium Members already have signed up for personal access to the award-winning myMoneyGuide® financial planning software, offered by SMI Advisory Services.
In this follow-up to last month’s cover article, we explain how to transition your financial plan from temporary to permanent access, how to link your investment accounts to your plan for real-time updates, and how the new software vastly expands your planning capability.

Last month’s offer from SMI Advisory Services was met with a huge response, as hundreds of SMI premium members signed up in the first weeks it was available. The early feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. A whopping 96% of those who completed the survey at the end of the Lab process rated their experience as either “Easy — I had no problems” (60%) or “Somewhat easy” (36%). Nearly half (48%) said “the process helped me identify personal goals, questions, and concerns” while 59% said they found “the privacy and ability to complete a plan by myself” to be among the most valuable features. Perhaps most importantly, 52% said the process helped them feel more educated, while 67% said it helped them feel more confident. Not bad for $50!

If you’re among those who have already completed the myMoneyGuide® lab process, this follow-up article is for you. It will explain how to transition to the permanent version of MoneyGuidePro®.

If you haven’t yet taken advantage of this offer and gone through a myMoneyGuide® lab, you should do that before proceeding with this article. That process is laid out in the February cover article, An Exciting New Opportunity for SMI Members: Personal Financial Planning via MoneyGuidePro®.Read that article first, complete the video-guided lab process, then come back to this article when you’re ready for step two.

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