‘Tis the season for top 10 lists, which prompted us to take a look at the most popular Sound Mind Investing articles from 2014. They were identified based on the number of pageviews they generated as determined by Google Analytics.

As you’ll see, the list includes some articles written before 2014. For the most part, those articles made the list because they ranked high when people searched the Internet or the SMI site for information on certain financial topics.    

1 – December 2014 Cover article – A New SMI for Times Like These

Not surprisingly, the article in which we introduced our completely redesigned web site garnered the most views. We greatly appreciate all the feedback we’ve received about the site—from kudos to catching broken links to suggestions for further improvements—and trust that the site will make for an enhanced overall experience.

2 – January 2013 Cover article – Dynamic Asset Allocation: An Investment Strategy for the Risk-Averse 

This is the article in which we introduced what has quickly become a very popular strategy among our members.

3 – April 2014 Level 4 article - Seven Alternatives for Seniors Fleeing AARP 

AARP may be the big fish in the senior organizations pond, but many of our readers were glad to discover they aren’t the only one.

4 – May 2014 Cover article – Higher Returns With Less Risk: The Best Combinations of SMI’s Most Popular Stategies

This article continues to generate a lot of interest, and for good reason. It shows how combining SMI strategies can boost returns while lowering volatility.

5 – January 2014 blog post – How to Choose the Best Health Savings Account

For those trying to fight the high cost of healthcare (and who isn’t these days?), a health savings account paried with a high-deductible health insurance plan offers numerous benefits.

6 – March 2013 Level 4 article – Introducing the SMI Dynamic Allocation Fund

This news followed close on the heels of our introduction of the Dynamic Asset Allocation strategy.

7 - January 2014 Cover article – Do You Have in Place the One Financial Essential for the New Year?

While people typically resist the idea of planning, SMI readers are far from typical. You clearly appreciated this comprehensive look at how to develop your own financial plan.

8 – June 2014 Level 1 article – For Savings You Won’t Need to Draw on for Two Years or More 

It has been extremely difficult to earn interest on emergency fund savings in recent years, but it’s a little easier for savings you can leave alone for a little while.

9 – June 2014 Cover article – 8 Steps to Make the Most of Your 401(k)

Some say managing retirement savings is too difficult for most people. We give people more credit than that and offered a popular guide to managing your workplace plan.

10 – Oct 2013 Level 2 article – How to Write an Investment Plan

If the inclusion of a financial planning article on our top 10 list proved how unique SMI’s readers are, then the inclusion of two shows them to be especially unique! This article looked specifically at how to develop a written plan for your investments.

What other articles were among your favorites in 2014?