SMI’s most-read articles are those that provide guidance about which funds to buy or sell. That’s natural since people subscribe to SMI primarily for our investment strategies and specific fund recommendations.

When you take those articles out of the mix, though, as I did in putting this article together, the most popular other articles were about getting the most from SMI’s strategies, preparing for the bull market’s end, and knowing what to do when the Fed increases interest rates (which it finally did at the end of the year). But the biggest surprise was which article landed in the top spot.

Here in rank order are the 10 SMI articles that generated the highest number of online page views over the past year.  

Seven Alternatives for Seniors Fleeing AARP Our most-read article in 2015 was published in 2014! Fueled largely by non-SMI members searching the web for information on AARP alternatives, the popularity of this article shows how much interest there is in a seniors organization with a more conservative political orientation.

Higher Returns With Less Risk: The Best Combinations of SMI’s Most Popular Strategies Another article from 2014, the popularity of this one can be attributed, in part, to the frequency with which we linked to it from other articles as we increasingly emphasized the value of using multiple SMI strategies to manage your portfolio. The article shows the risks and returns of 12 different strategy combinations.

Introducing the SMI Bond Fund (SMIUX) and the 50/40/10 Fund (SMIRX) SMI Advisory Services—the “Adviser” that manages the SMI Funds—grew from three funds to five in 2015. SMIRX provides a managed solution for the 50% Dynamic Asset Allocation, 40% Fund Upgrading, and 10% Sector Rotation combination outlined in the "Higher Returns With Less Risk" article above. SMIUX provides the opportunity for investors to have the Adviser manage the bond portion of their portfolio.

Introducing an Upgrading Approach to Bond Investing That Outperforms the Bond Market Extensive continued research into the best way to invest in bonds led us to this best-of-both-worlds approach, with two index funds forming a fixed core for half of an investor’s bond allocation and the other half invested in the highest momentum fund drawn from a strategically crafted universe of dissimilar bond funds.

On Bear Markets and Boundaries With the current bull market celebrating its sixth anniversary in 2015, it was natural for investors to be on bear alert. This article guided readers on how to best prepare for the bear.

Should My Strategy Mix Change as We Move Through Bull/Bear Market Cycles? More guidance on preparing for a bear market.

Money Roundup: How to Survive a Market Crash, One Money Move to Make Now, and More The first of two Friday Roundups to make the top 10 list.

Sector Rotation is Risky But Highly Rewarding While many investors were feeling more cautious in 2015, our high octane Sector Rotation strategy continued to draw interest.

Money Roundup: Reasons NOT to Worry About the Economy, Rounding Up the Usual Suspects, and More As volatility picked up, an article with a heavy dose of reassurance resonated with many readers.

How SMI is Preparing for Higher Interest Rates The investment community spent much of 2015 anticipating an interest rate hike, which finally came at the very end of the year. Naturally, many SMI readers wondered what a rate hike might mean, particularly for the bond portion of their portfolio.

And now for the subjective portion of this article. Here are some bonus articles—three of my personal favorites, one each from Austin, Mark, and me.

Practicing What I Preach When you’re the founder of a popular investment newsletter that’s been around for over 25 years, everyone wants to know how you invest. Here’s how Austin described his approach.

They Don’t Ring a Bell at the Top Mark provided a great reminder that “…bull markets often simply keep going until they don’t.”

What Does It Mean to Be a Christian Money Manager? I enjoyed thinking through an answer to that question and seeing how much dialogue it prompted in the comments section.

What article did you find especially helpful or interesting? You do remember all of the SMI articles you read this year, don’t you? Or, what topics would you like to see us tackle in 2016?