As this new year gets underway, we thought you might like an overview of our 2020 publication days/dates for both web and print.

Monthly newsletter and Fund Upgrading recommendations. Most of the time, we will post the Sound Mind Investing newsletter online — along with any new Upgrading recommendations — on the third trading day before the end of the month (but earlier in November and December).

This will give Members who are following the Upgrading strategy time to make any necessary trades by month's end.

Here are the planned newsletter posting dates for 2020:

January 29 (Wed.) April 28 (Tues.) July 29 (Wed.) October 28 (Wed.)
February 26 (Wed.) May 27 (Wed.) August 27 (Thur.) November 25 (Wed.)
March 27 (Fri.) June 26 (Fri.) September 25 (Fri.) December 23 (Wed.)

On rare occasions, an online publication date for the newsletter may be changed due to market movements or other considerations, but not by more two or three market days.

The print edition of the SMI newsletter will be mailed about one week after a new issue is posted online because the printing, addressing, and mailing process requires several days.

Tracker and FPR updates. Most of the month-end performance data published via SMI's Personal Portfolio Tracker and our Fund Performance Rankings (FPR) report is licensed from the research firm Morningstar. We will get that data to you within just a couple of hours of the time we receive it on the 8th of each month.

However, if the 8th occurs on a weekend, we'll update the Tracker/FPR on the Monday following the 8th. (In 2020, the 8th will land on a weekend in February, March, August, and November.)

DAA and Sector Rotation updates for Premium-level Members. In most cases, we will post our Dynamic Asset Allocation and Sector Rotation performance updates on the final trading day of the month, based on the most current performance data. Those strategy updates also will include our recommendations for the month ahead.

So, for example, this month the DAA and Sector updates will be posted Friday, January 31. Those updates will include performance data through January 30 and will alert you to any recommended changes for February. Next month, the updates will be issued on Friday, February 28 (based on data through February 27), and will include any recommended changes for March.

Web-only articles. Typically, we post web-only articles (i.e., "blog posts") on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. However, as events warrant, we may post a piece on a Tuesday or a Thursday. Most often, such additional posts will be related to a strategy update or other timely information.

Never miss an update

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From then on, you'll be notified via email about newly posted updates and/or articles.