This has been a good year (so far) for international investing — evidenced by the fact that the foreign funds currently recommended in SMI's Upgrading strategy are boasting year-to-date returns of 20%-to-30%!

Today on Moneywise, Sound Mind Investing executive editor Mark Biller explains why international funds are doing well in 2017 — and why emerging-market economies are increasingly attractive places to invest.

Later, Mark talks with a caller worried about losing money in a bear market. He also answers a call-in question about investing in a gold-mining company, and another about whether to cash out retirement savings to help college-age children with their education expenses.

Moneywise, with hosts Rob West and Steve Moore, is produced by Compass – finances God's way. You can listen to today’s program below. (For previous programs featuring members of the SMI team, visit our Resources page.)

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