On Giving Tuesday, November 27, I offered a challenge to SMI members in the form of a giving opportunity — let's all work together this Christmas to help take the gospel to the people of India via the church-planters working with the Jesus Film Project:

Last year, the SMI family generously gave more than $12,000 in response to the Giving Tuesday challenge. Perhaps this year all SMI members together, each giving what he or she has a heart to give, could contribute $15,000, Susie and I will match it and the Jesus Film receives $30,000. Then the Jesus Film's matching-grant donors add $30,000 more, and the $60,000 raised can send 140 film teams out sharing Jesus for the next three months! Working together, we can do something significant to "seek and save the lost" in that corner of the world.

Well, as I expected you would, you came through with a wonderful response. You didn't give just $15,000. According to my friends at the Jesus Film Project, 73 mission-minded SMI members collectively gave $17,564! As in years past, generous SMI members learned of a need and wanted to be part of the solution.

(FYI, I don't know who gave or how much — that's between you and the JFP.)

As promised, Susie and I will match that, and so we SMIers as a group are sending $35,128 toward this outreach. And that amount will be increased yet again due to a matching grant from other JFP supporters, for a total of $70,256.

Every $1 you gave was multiplied, and enough was raised from the SMI family and other JFP partners to send 166 Jesus Film teams throughout India for three months in 2019 where the Gospel of Christ will be proclaimed. To those of you who gave, thank you for responding in a beautiful and generous way!