“It’s still predominately a seller’s market, but less so than the last year or two,” said Stan Humphries, Zillow’s chief economist. “Some advantages are moving back to buyers; but largely and broadly…it’s still favoring the sellers.”

Here are four reasons you might want to list your home:

  1. Low Housing Supply
    Tight inventory is a main reason the ball is still in the sellers’ court.…Tight inventory tends to prop up home prices and can result in multiple offers and spur bidding wars.…
  2. Fewer Cash Buyers
    All-cash and investment buyers helped buoy home sales in the last couple years.…Experts still expect modest gains this year, but with fewer cash buyers.…
  3. Higher Interest Rates
    The Federal Reserve’s recent hint that higher interest rates are coming sooner rather than later could prompt buyers to start their house hunt in order to take advantage of lower mortgage rates.…
  4. Rising Rents
    Rising rental prices could motivate tenants to make the leap into home ownership. Rent prices have risen 15% nationwide in the past five years in 70 metro areas across the U.S. and income growth hasn’t kept up, according to NAR. — CNN/Money. Read the full article