It’s been nearly five years since the last SMI price adjustment, but the dramatically escalating costs associated with... well, everything... the past couple of years have forced our hand. As a result, beginning Sept. 1 the cost of a Premium Membership will increase to $199.95 per year (or $19.95/month) and the cost of a Basic Membership will increase to $119.95 per year (or $11.95/month).

We have always viewed SMI as a ministry first and a business second. As a result, we try hard to keep our prices affordable. Our pricing has changed only a handful of times over the past 32 years, even as “what you get for the money” has steadily expanded.

You don’t need to do anything, as the new amount will be automatically applied with payments starting Sept 1. Of course, if you want to upgrade from Basic to Premium, from monthly to annual, or simply renew your membership before the Sept. 1 increase, you are welcome to do so.

We appreciate you and thank you for understanding.