The SMI family lost a good friend this week with the unexpected passing of Tom Hahn.

Many of you "knew" Tom through his frequent interactions here on the SMI site. Tom started with SMI almost at the very beginning — 1992. He was a consistent, positive, encouraging presence here in the SMI community, with nearly 500 posts and comments since we revamped our website a few years ago (and countless more in the years prior to that).

Tom was a relatively rare "local" SMI guy — he lived here in Louisville where we're located. As a result, some of us had met Tom in person, which is a rare treat for us.

Most importantly, Tom loved Jesus, and wasn't shy about it. I mentioned his passing to my pastor over lunch yesterday, and while he hadn't known Tom was connected to SMI, he knew exactly who Tom was from having been members of the same gym. His first reaction was total shock, given that Tom appeared to be the picture of physical health. But his immediate second reaction was to note that Tom loved the Lord and wasn't reserved about talking with others openly about his faith.

To that point, this is what Tom's gym posted on their Facebook page yesterday:

It is with incredible sadness that we share the passing of our dear friend and long-term LAC member Tom Hahn. Tom was a man who was loved by all who came into contact with him. His love for God and passion for people was second to none. He will be missed, but not forgotten by his LAC family. As many have said today, Tom passed to his eternal reward doing what he loved, working out. Please keep Tom's family in your prayers.

Visitation will be held at Ratterman Funeral Home in Middletown, this Sunday from 2-8pm. On Monday, visitation will be held at Southeast Christian Church from 10am-12pm, with a service honoring Tom's life immediately following at 12pm.

On Wednesday, the day Tom passed on to meet the Lord face to face, he posted this comment in response to Matt's "Never Waste a Downturn" article from Monday:

How I manage my emotions are to first remember I am following a plan that works. Secondly, I don't watch the daily swings either up or down in the market. If my money is long term, then a 3 down days means very little in the course of the year or 5 or 10 years. If the trend continues, the plan will adjust our holdings accordingly.

I really like a lesson from Daniel 1, when Daniel resolved to not eat the king's food. The next verse "Now God caused" the official to show favor on Daniel. Our plan is Biblically driven to build wealth so that we can give more to His work. With that in mind, we can resolve to follow the plan trusting God for the outcome. Remember 4 words, "Daniel resolved, Now God". You will see this same thing in the life of Joseph.

Exhorting his SMI family to trust the Lord for the outcomes, literally right up to his final hours. That's a good note to go out on.

The SMI family is going to miss Tom a lot. Please pray for his family during this tough time.