Here's our May Day collection of interesting reads on investing and other financial topics. We hope you find them interesting and helpful!

And from the bloggers and pundits...

  • When you have no idea what happens next (Morgan Housel, Collaborative Fund Blog). Housel suggests reading more history and fewer forecasts.
  • What's the catalyst? (Michael Batnick, The Irrelevant Investor). "Nobody wants to read a headline 'Stocks rise as things are terrible but not catastrophic,' but this is usually closer to the truth than any other explanation."
  • How May Day remade Wall Street (Jason Zweig). "Today marks the [45th] anniversary of May Day, when the Securities and Exchange Commission abolished fixed-rate commissions on stock trading — perhaps the most transformative event on Wall Street since 1792." (Note: This column was first published in 2015.)
  • Taking the hit (Richard Connor, Humble Dollar). The decision to convert retirement assets from "traditional" to "Roth" isn’t a simple one. The author lays out the issues that come into play.
  • "Get My Payment" stimulus check status tool updated by the IRS (Peter Anderson, Bible Money Matters). If you got an error message when you tired the IRS tool, you may want to try again. This article also lists the dates for when paper checks will be mailed.

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