Here's our latest collection of worthwhile reads on investing, personal finance, and stewardship. We hope you find them interesting and helpful!

And from the bloggers and pundits...

  • Preparing for lower returns (Michael Batnick, The Irrelevant Investor). The fundamentals suggest the future investing environment won't be conducive to above-average returns. But...
  • Wealth is what you don't spend (Morgan Housel, Collaborative Fund Blog). Financial wellbeing can't be measured solely by looking at how much you earn.
  • The math of debt (Sfval Niveshak). It's tempting to spend more than you earn, but it's not a good idea. Here's why.
  • How to pay for college on $186.28 a month (Tony Isola, A Teachable Moment). Pre-paid tuition plans are offered by hundreds of private schools, as well as by state-run schools in 12 states.
  • Gratitude in abundance (Jeremy Walter, Calibrating Capital). We shouldn’t feel guilty about our material blessings, but we should try to be more aware of them — and to be more grateful.

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