Here's our end-of-the-work-week collection of interesting reads on investing, personal finance, and stewardship.

And from the pundits and bloggers...

  • Dow vigilantes (Ed Yardeni, Dr. Ed's Blog). S&P 500 companies posted huge earnings per share during the final months of 2017. Economist Yardeni predicts the new tax-rate reduction will propel earnings even higher this year (unless the Trump tariff throws things into turmoil).
  • 22 reasons President Trump should rethink steel/aluminum tariffs (Mark J. Perry, AEIdeas). Lots of negative reactions to the president's trial balloon on tariffs.
  • Obvious things that easily escape attention (Morgan Housel, Collaborative Fund). Housel is at his best here, pointing out hugely important things (financial and otherwise) that individuals, businesses, and entire societies typically fail to pay attention to.
  • Why financial flexibility is the next best thing to financial independence (Pretend to Be Poor). Good questions: "How easily could you weather a job loss or unexpected illness? Could you say 'yes' to travel, moving, or giving opportunities that come along? In other words, can you touch your financial toes?"
  • A man's place is in the home (John Jalsevac, Gilbert magazine, via A thought-provoking piece about how our "default" outlook on home and work has been shaped (or misshaped) by the social and economic changes of the past couple of centuries.

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