When the market closed last night, today's DAA changes looked pretty clear. Then the Bank of Japan surprised the world by shifting to negative interest rates, which sparked a huge rally in stocks (and REITs/real estate) today. Unfortunately, that's made a couple of easy calls much tighter. So much so that we're probably going to have to watch these moves right down to the wire today before we can say definitively what is changing.

We will be selling something this month for sure. The question right now is whether we are selling just stocks, just real estate, or both. If we sell just one, that money will be moving to cash (which you can leave in your broker's money market option if you wish). If we sell both, we'll be moving into cash and gold.

If we feel like we can make a definitive call on any of these changes before the market closes today, we will. So if it's important to you to try to get the trades in today, stay tuned for further updates. Otherwise, you can read the final report over the weekend and make any necessary changes Monday.

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