It’s a great time of year for the Pryors — Susie and I are getting ready to leave for our annual vacation on the Carolina beaches! While we’re there, we don’t buy newspapers, turn on the television, read any news, or do any work. We’re there to unplug, unwind, and connect.

Our vacations haven’t always been so care-free. Because I did all the research and writing for the first decade of SMI, I had to plan our (shorter) vacations around our monthly deadlines. In fact, the first issue of SMI was finalized at Fripp Island, South Carolina, during our 25th wedding anniversary getaway (taking your work with you is not a recommended way to relax and celebrate!).

The reason that’s no longer an issue is the Lord has given SMI a great team of writers to help carry the load. They’re talented, experienced, and dedicated to our mission of teaching financial and investing principles within the boundaries of God’s word. I’m grateful for each one, proud of them, and thought it would be encouraging to our newer members to learn more about the people who bring you our content and recommendations each month.

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