We've just updated SMI's Personal Portfolio Tracker as well as our monthly Fund Performance Rankings to reflect mutual-fund performance data through Oct. 31, 2018.

But that’s not all. As of today, the Tracker is now “responsive,” making it easily viewable on a smartphone or tablet.

  • For years, the Portfolio Tracker has been our most popular web tool, enabling you to take the full universe of 20,000+ mutual funds we track and transform that data into a concise report covering only the specific funds available via your 401(k), 403(b), or other retirement plan(s).

    Using the Tracker, you can personalize SMI's mutual-fund rankings to your specific situation.
  • When we initially designed the Tracker, few (if any) people were using smartphones and tablets. Now, such devices account for a large percentage of web use. So we’ve re-designed the Tracker to accommodate phone/tablet users, while at the same time trying to maintain the basic “look and feel” you’ve grown accustomed to. Still, you will notice a few slight changes in the design.

    We’ve also done a lot of “back end” work, significantly automating (and speeding up) the processing of Morningstar’s voluminous month-end fund-performance data. Our new automated system will ensure that you get the month-end data by the 8th of the new month (unless the 8th falls on a weekend, as it will in December). Formerly, our target date for posting performance data has been as late as the 14th (in the not-too-distant past, it was the 24th!).
    Why are we targeting the 8th? We’ve learned from in-house testing that month-end numbers in the Morningstar database are subject to change during the first several days of the new month. Put another way, the numbers remain “preliminary” for about a week after the end of the month. By the 8th, however, the database is trustworthy, so that's when we will release the month-end numbers via both the Tracker and the Fund Performance Rankings (FPR) report.
  • We're working on several video tutorials that will illustrate the features of the new Tracker. Those videos should be available online within a few weeks.

You won’t notice any difference in the Fund Performance Rankings (FPR) report — it looks like it has before — but it’ll now be reliably posted by the 8th (except next month, when the 8th falls on a Saturday). The FPR report is a PDF file containing performance data and SMI's momentum rankings for more than 1,600 no-load funds and ETFs. The funds included in the FPR have been selected on the basis of asset size, brand familiarity, and brokerage availability.

Check page 2 of the report to learn how to use it. On page 3, there is an overview of the 70+ risk categories that will help you compare "apples to apples." Page 4 has explanations of the various data-column headings.

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