This week's picks for the best in personal finance from around the web — a day early this week because we'll have DAA and Sector Rotation updates tomorrow.

Time, not timing, is key to investing success (Washington Post - Barry Ritholtz). Whether writing for his own blog, Bloomberg, or the Washington Post, Ritholtz usually has sound advice. This article is no exception.

Boomer wealth dented by mortgages poses U.S. risk (Bloomberg). Why an "old-fashioned belief" (pay off your mortgage by the time you retire) still makes a ton of sense.

Are your assets ready for college? (Wall Street Journal). How much financial aid your child may qualify for doesn't just depend on how much money you have; it depends on where you have it.

The cost of caring for aging parents (US News). Three ways caregivers can keep from going crazy, broke, or both.

Save on prescription-drug costs (Chicago Tribune). You already know about generics, but have you considered "therapeutic alternatives"?

And from the blogosphere...

Warren Buffett has some brilliant advice for investors freaked out about geopolitics (Business Insider). Avoiding the "expensive distraction" that global crises can be.

What to expect when you're expecting...a rate hike (Think Advisor). Why the fear of rising interest rates may be overblown.

Is it worth it to buy a 'longevity annuity'? Probably not (Encore - a MarketWatch blog). There may be better ways to manage the risk of living a long life.

Resist changing direction because of a single event (Sketch Guy - a NY Times blog). As researchers would say, beware the sample of one.

8 practical ways to love God more than money (Christian PF). Good advice for keeping money in its place.

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