This week's picks for the best in personal finance from around the web.

Stocks are far less risky than you think (MarketWatch). Lots of great nuggets here that'll give peace to those intent on staying in the market.

Is shrinking stock market a bullish sign? (USA Today). Why the supply-and-demand dynamic favors investors.

Americans are taking on debt at scary high rates (Time). Unfortunately, recession lessons don't last long.

Why you are spending more and enjoying it less (Wall Street Journal). An ode to planned, mindful spending.

Do nice neighborhoods manufacturer materialism? (Fast Company). The hidden costs of "movin' on up."

And from the blogosphere...

Everything you need to know about stock market crashes (The Big Picture). A helpful perspective for anyone worried that we may be at a market top.

Retirement income without annuity quirks (Encore - a MarketWatch blog). Is this a better retirement income mousetrap?

Women and money: four reasons you should be involved (Planting Money Seeds). Reasons why money should be more of a team sport in marriage.

Not by muscle, speed or dexterity (Time Goes By). A great article, especially for anyone nearing or in retirement.

3 gracious ways God works in our financial hardship (Money Help For Christians). Rethinking a popular, commonly misinterpreted verse.

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