This week's picks for the best in personal finance from around the web.

Outcome or process --- what investment focus succeeds over time? (Washington Post). Learning to be process oriented in an outcome-focused world.

Have investors learned anything? (MarketWatch). A better headline might have been, "When will traders learn to be investors?"

How much stock should you own in retirement? (MarketWatch). Good summary of some thought provoking new research on retirement portfolios.

Two secrets to having a happy, peaceful retirement (Time). Why the nest is even more important than the nest egg.

Why we give (or don't) (Christianity Today). Probing the mysteries of generosity.

And from the blogosphere...

We are less than rational (Above the Market). Long, interesting piece (with good movie clips!) about making better investment decisions, but that also speaks to the helpful role emotion can play.

Warning! Frugality can become greed. How to protect yourself. (Money Help For Christians). The danger of taking money-saving habits too far.

How technology and the power of suggestion are getting people to leave higher tips (Consumerist). More examples of how technology can prompt us to spend more.

Most of all, money is a story (Seth Godin). With something as abstract as money, cost and value are two very different things.

Angela Duckworth on why grit matters more than IQ (Farnam Street Blog). Interesting findings for anyone building a career or raising a child.

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