This week’s picks for the best investing and personal finance articles from around the web.

The Dow milestone means little to long-term investors (CNBC). 20,000? So what?

You may end up living a lot longer than you expect (MarketWatch). Plan accordingly.

Baby Boomers ‘should work for longer to stay healthy’ (The Guardian). You may need the money that comes from a longer career, but there are other benefits as well.

American firms want to keep older workers a bit longer (Bloomberg). Some hopeful news for those who want to stay on the job past age 65.

The mistakes we make when giving to charity (Wall Street Journal). An interesting deep-dive look at some of the motivations for giving.

And from the blogosphere…

Put forecasting in its final resting place (Bloomberg View). No matter how much shame gets heaped upon them, forecasters just can’t seem to give it up.

Expected risk (A Wealth of Common Sense). Another call for lower market expectations.

All indexes are not created equal (The Irrelevant Investor). Reasons for diversification—and patience.

Six ways to spend less time on finances (White Coat Investor). You won’t agree with all of these, but you probably will agree that spending less time on financial matters is desirable. How have you accomplished that?

A retirement plan with less golf but more satisfaction (Sketch Guy - a NY Times blog). Retirement has changed—and that’s a good thing.

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