This week’s picks for the best investing and personal finance articles from around the web — a day early this week because we'll have updates for Dynamic Asset Allocation and Sector Rotation tomorrow.

When ‘enough’ doesn’t have to mean ‘more’ (Wall Street Journal). How one writer found peace in a culture obsessed with the pursuit of more.

Yes, the stock and bond markets can both be right (Bloomberg). When both asset classes rally, investors tend to worry.

Is your retirement account underfunded? (US News). The headlines say, “yes,” but do they apply to your account?

The mental mistakes we make with retirement spending (Wall Street Journal). Refusing to touch the principal in your retirement account sounds wise, but it can bring misery as well.

How earned income affects Social Security in retirement (Morningstar). If you’re among the many who plan to work in their later years, you need to know how doing so will impact your Social Security benefits.

And from the blogosphere…

When holding is the hardest part (A Wealth of Common Sense). Riding out a bear market isn’t easy, but holding on during a bull market brings its own challenges.

Which makes more sense for retirees: A total-return or income portfolio? (Retirement Researcher). Which approach are you taking?

Buying happiness and life satisfaction with greater cash-on-hand reserves (Kitces). It may not make sense on a spreadsheet, but that isn’t the point.

What to do with a lump sum in retirement (Can I Retire Yet?). Whether you receive a pension payout or an inheritance, you’ll have some important decisions to make.

A tribute to a generous man (Matt About Money). My father-in-law died recently, leaving a legacy to aspire to.

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