Our latest picks for the best investing and personal finance articles from around the web.

What to worry about in this surreal bull market (Bloomberg). Market veterans weigh in on what could go wrong.

Are stocks too expensive? (Schwab). “…there hasn’t been a better time in 20 years to be globally diversified.”

Why I panicked when my bitcoin investment surged 780% (Financial Planning). It’s one thing to read about it, it’s another thing to invest in it.

Kitces: What’s the optimal retirement strategy? (Financial Planning). What do curves, triangles, and rectangles have to do with retirement planning? Read on.

A last-minute guide to shopping for Medicare (US News). There are still a few days left to make changes.

And from the blogosphere…

Some market myths that hurt investors (A Wealth of Common Sense). Running some common rules of thumb through a fact checker.

There are many ways to win (Of Dollars and Data). Some rules actually do matter.

Five simple behavioural tips for better long-term investment decision making (Behavioural Investment). Overriding our tendencies to do harm to our portfolios.

How to stop your grown kids from ruining your retirement (Next Avenue). Raising kids is expensive, but keeping the bank of mom and dad open after they’re out of the house can be financially ruinous.

Small business retirement plans — SEP IRA vs. Solo 401(k) (The Chicago Financial Planner). If you own a small business, there are some unique retirement saving options available to you.

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