This week’s picks for the best investing and personal finance articles from around the web.

The thing about flat stock markets (Fortune). What to make of a market that’s gone nowhere for 120 days.

Fed preps careful path for rate hike (Wall Street Journal). Waiting for inflation, and waiting.

The Fed is closer to hitting its inflation target than people think (Bloomberg). Two of three reasons for a rate hike appear to be in place.

More non-retired U.S. investors have a written financial plan (Gallup). The number of people with a plan is still really small. Here’s some guidance on how to write an investment plan.

Humans are underrated (Fortune). With robots building cars and even assisting with surgery, what’s a real person to do about his or her career? Three ideas.

And from the blogosphere…

How has the 4% rule held up since the tech bubble and the 2008 financial crisis? (Kitces). Bottom line? Better than you might have guessed.

Stop thinking about markets as if they were human (Bloomberg View). Beware the analyst who talks about the market as a living, breathing creature.

Seeing both sides of the market debate (A Wealth of Common Sense). For every point of view about the market, a chart or graph can be found to support it.

How situations influence decisions (Farnam Street Blog). Interesting insights for better decision-making—about your finances and more.

Are managed-payout funds better than annuities? (Advisor Perspectives). Maybe it isn’t an either/or decision.

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