This week’s picks for the best investing and personal finance articles from around the web — a day early this week since we'll have Dynamic Asset Allocation and Sector Rotation updates tomorrow.

6 tips for investors when the stock market tumbles (NY Times). You know what to do, but just in case you need a reminder…

Companies are urging retiring workers to leave something behind—their money (Wall Street Journal). Rolling your money into an IRA still looks like the better move.

Carefully consider pension payment options (NY Times). It’s an important decision, so choose wisely.

Prevent identity theft when filing taxes this year (Consumer Reports). It’s become a big problem. Here’s what you can do to protect yourself.

The surprising relationship between taxes and charitable giving (MarketWatch). Generous givers will likely take issue with some of this research. What survey questions would you have asked?

And from the blogosphere…

The fear principles (A Wealth of Common Sense). Three options for facing your fears about volatility.

Treasury bonds: the ultimate ‘alternative asset’ class (Abnormal Returns). No one has ever accused Treasury bonds of being an alternative asset class. Until now.

Recession calls are premature (The Big Picture). At least one leading indicator shows no reason to worry.

How stories drive the stock market (The Upshot - a NY Times blog). For every market move, there’s a narrative. It’s helpful to question whether the story is true.

Are women better than men at investing? (MainStreet). Who takes the lead with investing in your household?  

We’d love to hear your responses to any of the above. To weigh in, just meet us in the comments section.