This week’s picks for the best investing and personal finance articles from around the web.

Why older investors often take too much—or too little—risk (Wall Street Journal). It all comes down to their “variable risk preference bias.” But you knew that, right?

Combine long-term care with life insurance? Do the numbers first (NY Times). New hybrid policies attempt to reduce the premiums.

6 life lessons from Warren Buffett (Barron’s). Refreshingly, none of them have anything to do with investing, at least not directly.

How to boost your Social Security check by 85% (Bloomberg). For some, it can really pay to delay.

This holiday season, spend on doing rather than having (Scientific American). Many of the best gifts won’t fit under the tree.

And from the blogosphere…

Diversification is no fun (A Wealth of Common Sense). In the short term, it’s painful to see one of your asset classes languishing. But investing isn’t about the short-term.

The permanent portfolio (The Irrelevant Investor). Interesting, timely post for those following SMI’s DAA strategy.

Why gut instincts are often wrong (The Big Picture). A fun, short interview with Michael Lewis about his new book, The Undoing Project.

5 retirement planning tips for small business owners (Next Avenue). Words of wisdom for those who pour everything into their business.

My two asset location pet peeves (The White Coat Investor). Pour yourself a strong cup of coffee and get your calculator out.

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