This week’s picks for the best in personal finance from around the web.

What the stock market can teach you about your own personality (The Guardian). “Investing isn’t just a test of strategy — it’s a test of character…”

Can money buy you happiness? (Wall Street Journal). Actually, yes, if you know what to do with it.

Tick tock: IRA owners risk blowing deadline and paying huge penalties (Time). After all, the “R” in “RMD” stands for Required.

Significance of secular market should not be underestimated (Washington Post). When investment pros make a distinction between “secular” and “cyclical” markets, do you know what they’re talking about?

The 4 best days for holiday shopping (MarketWatch). Enjoy your family on Thanksgiving and the day after. Black Friday isn’t the best day for deals.

And from the blogosphere…

If you missed the rally, then you just made the most classic mistake in investing (Business Insider). More insights into the reality that time in the market trumps timing the market.

How families can calculate retirement income wants versus needs (F5 Financial Planning). Why it may help to continue thinking in terms of a paycheck even after the actual paychecks stop.

Maybe you don’t need long-term care insurance after all (Ventured & Gamed - a Bloomberg blog). New research updates key statistics people often use when making this decision, but that decision is still far from easy.

What the economy has done to the family (Ventured & Gained - a Bloomberg blog). How the recession changed people’s plans and priorities.

Choosing to work after age 80 (Time Goes By). It helps if you really like what you do.

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