This week’s picks for the best investing and personal finance articles from around the web.

Here’s what Buffett wouldn’t do, and maybe you shouldn’t either (Bloomberg). Learning from Buffett’s “stop doing” list.

Visualize your way to a better retirement (CBS Money Watch). People generally have a difficult time imagining a much older version of themselves, but those who can tend to planner better.

One bank CEO outlines what will happen to your bank account if the Fed takes interest rates negative (Business Insider). Imagine paying your bank to hold your money.

How to organize your finances for your loved ones (Forbes). Lessons from three real experiences.

Don’t sabotage your retirement (Financial Planning). This article was written for financial advisors, but its lessons are intended for you.

And from the blogosphere…

How much money you really need for retirement (Mr. Everyday Dollar). Are you using a “safe savings rate”?

Retirement date risk (Kitces). How sequence of returns (SOR) risk impacts those still saving for retirement.

About Fidelity’s health care cost estimate for retirees (The Retirement Café). A scary but necessary read.

A one-year financial plan (A Wealth of Common Sense). “What matters is that there’s a plan in the first place.”

Home equity: a retirement resource (Squared Away). For those who are house rich but cash poor.

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