Our latest picks for the best investing and personal finance articles from around the web.

A bull market should make investors happy. This one isn’t. (NY Times). All investors seem to want to know is when will the good times end.

Bond investors are stock investors’ latest concern (Bloomberg). Looking to the yield curve for cues about the economy.

I’m rich, and that makes me anxious (NY Times). For some, there’s never enough.

A year-end checklist for retirees (Morningstar). From RMDs to QCDs, what to look into before the year ends.

How to roll your 401(k) into an IRA while you’re still working (The Street). Did you know you might be able to move your money before you retire?

And from the blogosphere…

Charitable planning — leveraging those gains (Retirement Researcher). If you have a taxable investment account, your investments have probably profited this year. Why not give some away?

Investor psychology, part I: Using time, scaling and inflation to frame data (and mislead readers) (The Fat Pitch). The value of learning to question how data is presented.

Advantage premiums reflect networks (Squared Away). If you have a Medicare Advantage policy, now’s the time to review your coverage.

Three ways to prevent higher-than-expected expenses from spoiling your retirement (Real Deal Retirement). Some good ideas, and the tools needed to put them into action.

Where is the ‘assistance’ in assisted living? (Next Avenue). Words of warning for anyone trying to help an older relative with housing decisions.

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