This week’s picks for the best investing and personal finance articles from around the web—a couple of days early this week since we'll have strategy updates on Friday.

The big lesson from 2016 for your retirement planning (Time). 2016 saw the folly of forecasting taken to a whole new level.

Big retirement savings mistake that workers should stop making (Investor’s Business Daily). Fear of the stock market is leading many investors to leave money on the table.

Is early retirement great? For some, it’s hard work to have fun (NY Times). For some, having plenty of money and free time can add up to quite a dilemma.

Whatever happened to that old 401(k)? (Wall Street Journal). It’s one thing to forget where you left your car keys. It’s another to forget about a retirement account, and yet many people do.

Worried about your finances? Let your priorities guide you (Washington Post). Aligning your financial direction with your values.  

And from the blogosphere…

The power of doing nothing (Trader Feed). Investors should learn from architect Mies van der Rohe: less really is more.

Financial independence is not the holy grail (White Coat Investor). Are people striving for the wrong goal?

Do you need an emergency fund in retirement? (McLean). You may not need to protect against job loss, but there are still plenty of costly things that can go wrong.

Six ways seniors can save on car insurance (The Simple Dollar). Aging can bring an increase in accidents, which can mean higher premiums. But there are still ways for older drivers to score discounts on their insurance.

The best films of 2016 (for behavioral economists). (Bloomberg View). A fun one to end on — financial biases on the big screen.

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