This week's picks for the best in personal finance from around the web.

10 steps to take if you hope to retire soon (MarketWatch). I don't agree with starting a new 30-year mortgage just before retiring, but there are some helpful steps on this list.

Is it time to prepare for inflation? (Advisor Perspectives). Spoiler: No, not yet.

Target date funds try timing the market (Reuters) Sold as a simple solution for 401(k) plan investors, these funds are getting more complex.

How did MY account do? (Dalbar). What system do you use to answer that question and what would make it easier?

Retirement: from theory to practice (Investment News). A retirement writer sees her topic from a whole new perspective.

And from the blogosphere...

Stock corrections after long winning streaks (A Wealth of Common Sense). For all who think this bull market is getting a little long in the tooth, there are four that lasted longer.

When bubbles become manias: the psychology of runaway markets (Trader Feed). Trying to separate the math from the mind games.

Bet on green (The Irrelevant Investor). As this year has shown so far, strong years for the market aren't always followed by weak years.

A new Ponzi scheme every week (The Retirement Café). How a little commonsense can keep you away from all the Bernie Madoff wannabes.

Wanna pay a 50% penalty on your retirement account? (The Retirement Café). If you're nearing 70, be PDQ about checking your RMDs.

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