This week’s picks for the best investing and personal finance articles from around the web.

You are probably way too optimistic about your investment returns (MarketWatch). Expecting an 8.5% average annual return—on top of inflation? Ah, that may be a tad high.

When retirement savings goals seem hopelessly unrealistic (CNN Money). Before giving up hope, remember how many variables are involved in planning for retirement, and see how changing some assumptions will change the math.

Social Security taxes to rise for higher-income Americans (Morningstar). Coming soon to a paycheck near you: More income will be subject to the tax.

Investment strategist: Don’t trade on election results (CNBC). Even with an election as unusual as this one, trying to time the market is still ill advised.

Broken indicators mean it’s growing harder to spot troubles in the market (Bloomberg). Many of the signals analysts used to count on to sound an alarm have become less reliable.

And from the blogosphere…

A terrible way to protect a retiree from inflation (Retirement Researcher). Challenging the conventional wisdom about gold.

A simple way for investors to avoid panic selling (Experts – a Wall Street Journal blog). Do you have labels for your investment accounts?

Invest in your further education with low-cost MOOCs (Monevator). Ever wanted to study at Harvard or Stanford? Now you can—at very little cost and from the comfort of your own home.

Fewer, clearer Medicare part D choices (Squared Away). Fewer choices should make Medicare easier to navigate, but it’s still pretty complicated.

How to choose the right Medicare plans (Next Avenue). Some guidance on how to sort through the options.

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