This week’s picks for the best investing and personal finance articles from around the web.

Does the star rating for funds predict future performance? (Morningstar). Morningstar gives its own rating system mixed reviews.

Why a full-stop retirement is not the best way to go (Financial Post). Learning how to move effectively into later life from some of the longest-living people on the planet.

They’re growing older. Their mortgage debt is growing deeper. (NY Times). How refinancing may require resetting your retirement expectations.

Why is that salesman in the operating room for your knee replacement? (Washington Post). You probably chose your doctor carefully, but how much do you know about who else will be involved in your surgery?

These simple lifestyle changes can prevent or slow Alzheimer’s (MarketWatch). Relatively easy steps may help ward off the dreaded disease.

And from the blogosphere…

Mr. Trump and the markets (Econbrowser). How quickly market sentiment has changed.

A lesson from the market’s overreaction to Trump’s win (Pragmatic Capitalism). Short-term thinking can do a lot of damage to long-term plans.

Delayed retirement credits – when are these applied? (Financial Ducks in a Row). A closer look at the math behind your Social Security claiming decision.

How to decide what to do next when you retire (Next Avenue). There’s a lot of emphasis on the financial aspects of retirement, but how will you spend your time?

Amazing facts about the economy (Crossing Wall Street). A fun one to end on. Don’t miss it.

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