This week’s picks for the best investing and personal finance articles from around the web.

These 10 ‘laws of wealth’ can help you hold on to investment gains (MarketWatch). Good principles to invest by.

Stock market’s enduring record of calling presidential races (Bloomberg). Is it just a coincidence, or does the market’s performance in the three months leading up to election day really tell the tale?

3 reasons the stock market is rising even as the world feels like it’s falling apart (Fortune). The world isn’t ending, despite reports to the contrary.

Is this what you had in mind for retirement? Here’s what actual retirees found out (Bloomberg). Are you counting too heavily on an inheritance or the proceeds from selling a home?

5 things that you and your spouse should know about your finances (AARP). It’s okay for one spouse to take the lead, but both should be involved in your household’s money management.

And from the blogosphere…

A vague sense of returns (Abnormal Returns). Too many investors know too little about how their portfolio is actually performing.

Nothing matters more than perspective (Motley Fool). Whether evaluating the state of the market or the cost of bottled water, what matters is your point of comparison.

There are no 'bond kings' in this bond market (Pragmatic Capitalism). Why actively managed bond funds are having such a tough time.

Peter Lynch’s track record revisited (A Wealth of Common Sense). An interesting closer look at an investing legend.

Social isolation is a real danger for the elderly (Squared Away). While building your net worth as you prepare for retirement, make sure to build a strong social network as well.

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