This week’s picks for the best investing and personal finance articles from around the web.

This impulse makes investors sell low and buy high (CNBC). For investors, emotion is the enemy.

Which one of these indicators for the stock market is lying? (MarketWatch). An earnings recession doesn’t necessarily mean there will be an economic recession.

Older couples face money battles (Kiplinger). Why spousal money spats tend to escalate as retirement nears, and how to write a peace treaty.

The math of retirement saving and spending (Wall Street Journal). A fresh perspective on some of the conventional wisdom.

Are you suffering from sudden retirement syndrome? (The Globe and Mail). Many people dream of an early retirement. Here’s why working longer might be better.

And from the blogosphere…

180 years of market drawdowns (A Wealth of Common Sense). In order to invest well, you have to get comfortable with loss.

Sell in May and buy back higher in November (The Fat Pitch). Rethinking an old adage.

What is a safety-first retirement plan? (The Retirement Researcher). A deep dive into a retirement planning philosophy in which there’s no such thing as a safe withdrawal rate.

Adding risk to the model, Part 2 (The Retirement Café). How your view of risk may change in retirement.

Are you financially healthy? (Matt About Money). Nine factors to consider.

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