This week’s picks for the best investing and personal finance articles from around the web.

Wall Street’s annual stock forecasts: Bullish and often wrong (NY Times). “They are much worse than random chance alone would predict.”

9 retirement decisions that can change your future (MarketWatch). A good checklist for those nearing retirement.

For many seniors, student debt eats into Social Security (CBS Money Watch). Be careful about how you pay for that mid-career return to school.

How to avoid a 50 percent hit on your retirement savings (CNBC). If you haven’t taken your RMDs yet, the clock is ticking.

Only OTHER people lose their financial independence (Fidelity). Survey finds an important new form of financial denial.

And from the blogosphere…

Investing fast and slow (Vanguard Blog). If you have a lump sum to invest, is it best to invest it all at once or little by little?

Overcoming a late start to saving for retirement (A Wealth of Common Sense). The good news is there’s still hope, and you have more control than you may think.

Avoiding the cycle of fear and greed (Behavior Gap). Why investors are often the greatest threat to their own investing success.

A really useful engine (Jonathan Clements). Thoughts on finding meaning in our work, and in retirement.

The light of the world (Matt About Money). We could all probably use this reminder.

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