This week’s picks for the best investing and personal finance articles from around the web.

More free time could mean risky spending for new retirees (USA TODAY). Especially in the first two years of retirement, there’s an urge to splurge.

A fourth-quarter financial calendar for retirees (Morningstar). Some important deadlines to keep in mind.

Social Security timing can affect Medicare premiums (Investment News). If you’re enrolled in Medicare but not yet receiving Social Security benefits, you may be in for a big rate hike.

Here’s how you can make more money in retirement (Fox Business). Ideas for filling in the financial gaps.

Top 10 senior saving strategies from The Senior List (Clark Howard). Elders get a little financial respect at restaurants, movie theaters, and more.

And from the blogosphere…

The difference between a bubble and a cycle (Collaborative Fund). Putting all the bubble talk into some helpful context.

When the worst of times is the best of times (Vanguard Blog for Advisors). Interesting to see how often really bad days in the market happen during up years—and vice versa.

The fight to keep it simple (A Wealth of Common Sense). Why being the smartest person in the room can be a hazard to your investing success.

Weighing a qualified charitable distribution (QCD) from an IRA vs donating appreciated assets? (Kitces). Sorting through the variables of what can be a complicated choice.

Disability insurance: protecting your largest asset (Independent Thought). Think your coverage is adequate? Make sure you understand what percentage of your salary is covered—and whether the benefit is capped at a certain dollar amount.

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