This week’s picks for the best investing and personal finance articles from around the web.

Investors fight strange winds (Bloomberg Gadfly). Discipline is an essential investor trait, and very difficult to master.

How to create an investment policy statement (Morningstar). Have you committed your investing plan to paper?

These sneaky trusts are hiding in your 401(k) (Time). Can’t find a ticker symbol to go with some of your workplace retirement plan investment choices? Here’s why.

Where did Baby Boomers go wrong? This generation isn’t financially prepared for retirement (MarketWatch). Among the problems: Counting on being able to work longer than you actually do.

Donor-advised funds versus donating directly to charities (Advisor Perspectives). More insights into this powerful giving vehicle that we highlight in this month’s issue of the newsletter.

And from the blogosphere…

 ‘Worrying is a serious offense’ (Above the Market). It can improve neither our lifespan (Luke 12:25) nor our investment results.

4 mistakes that can undermine your retirement prospects (Real Deal Retirement). Did we mention the danger of having unrealistic assumptions about how long you’ll be able to work?

The most important factor in determining your retirement withdrawal rate (Retirement Researcher). One case where simplicity may not be such a good thing.

Go where nobody else will (Mullooly). The hard work of patience.

What makes us happy (The Retirement Café). Just because a financial decision makes sense on a spreadsheet doesn’t mean you could actually live with it.

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