Our latest picks for the best investing and personal finance articles from around the web.

And from the blogosphere…

  • A better kind of abundance (Compassion). A wonderful reminder that, “In order to be faithful stewards and to love others, we must be not only recipients of God’s provision but also outlets of it.”
  • The world has gone mad and the system is broken (LinkedIn). A billionaire hedge fund manager looks at today’s economic conditions and finds them unsustainable.
  • Signal failure (Humble Dollar). A long-time investing writer looks at today’s stock market and finds it less risky than it may seem.
  • Fractional ETF trading’s future (ETF.com). With Schwab announcing plans to introduce trading of fractional shares of stock, can fractional shares of ETFs be far behind?
  • Living a rewarding retirement (Mutual Fund Observer). Words of wisdom — about money and life — from one who is two years into retirement.

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