This week’s picks for the best investing and personal finance articles from around the web.

S&P 500 dregs stage uprising in bull market that now makes sense (Bloomberg). The bull market that everyone loves to hate is starting to get some respect.

Political risks loom over buoyant markets (Wall Street Journal). To measure the health of the economy, don’t look to the stock market.

Stocks keep going up and investors keep saying no thanks (CBS Money Watch). Isn’t this the way it usually goes? People wait until what turns out to be a market top to get in.

Where’s the best place to park your cash? (Morningstar). Today’s options are very limited.

How to give your home to your children tax-free (Fidelity). As with most financial matters, it pays to plan ahead.

And from the blogosphere…

The upside of losing half your money (Motley Fool). There will be losses — that’s why we diversify.

Do stocks diversify bonds? (A Wealth of Common Sense). Flipping the way you normally think of asset allocation.

Should I invest a lump sum all at once or stagger it over time? (Financial Independence Hub). There’s a financial way of looking at this question, and there’s an emotional way.

Should I buy long-term care insurance? (Next Avenue). Helpful first-person account from someone who writes about retirement for a living.

How many years can you do your job? (Squared Away). You may want to work past the typical retirement age, but what are the odds you’ll be able to?

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